I am K, Citizen K

Advocate of Democracy 4.0
I am a smart citizen empowered by AI & ‚̧ 4 democracy “K” doesn’t signify my initial only, more importantly it is a reference to “Citizen Kane”

We need more “Citizen K”s in the era of Citizen Kane politicians emerging in everywhere.

Democracy 4.0 @Smart_Democracy by Citizen K

Democracy is not all about ballot-box and not simply a matter of organisations:

  • It is a set of values, a state of mind and an evolution
  • Transparency
  • Public consultation
  • Open discussion
  • Common progressive values
  • Accountability of politicians (!)

21st-century citizens, we are and struggling to participate in political decisions through political institutions, political parties of another century that are based on an information technology of old times.

As a result of this unmatching, citizens’ apathy vis-a-vis traditional politics is growing..

Why it needs to change and how?

General elections every 4-5 years are not an effective mechanism to update the political system for 21st century needs

People should be able to keep track of policies, decisions, and results and be part of policy development by face to face meetings and technological tools. Politics need innovation.

Don’t mistake apathy and distrust with lack of care! People, young citizens in particular¬†care about politics but feel powerless to input their thoughts into political process.